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This is a dangerous and unpredictable world...

From political upheaval in the Middle East to a 16 year old hacker in eastern Europe, the world is changing at a fast pace with a geopolitical environment that is becoming increasingly complex.  Businesses that don't consider geopolitical risk in their growth strategies  not only run the risk of missing key opportunities but fail to manage the peril that unstable political environments create.

We are a leading geopolitical risk and homeland security consultancy and bring with us over 20 years of industry experience. We provide information and advisory services to corporations, foreign and domestic government agencies and individuals. We include in our offerings a comprehensive slate of homeland security and geopolitical risk analysis and mitigation services.  Our offerings are unique, integrated and combine years of direct industry experience required to navigate today's turbulent world.  Our dynamic partnerships with leading firms in the investment, consulting and  broader professional services space compliment our comprehensive capabilities and provide our clients with a broad set of solution-based offerings.

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