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Living Risk and Understanding How it Affects Your Business is What We Do. Every. Single. Day.

Our Crisis Preparedness and Response Team has seen it all and done it all.  From Terrorism Prevention and Response Planning to Natural Disasters and Civil Disturbances. We can help with planning, business continuity and response support

Our enterprise security risk management team and partners carry over 30 years of experience and come from the ranks of government, the intelligence sector, and private industry.  We work in all areas, that are critical to the health and profitability of your operations.

Our risk-based, qualitative, and diverse approach brings real-world insights and helps clients fully connect the dots; working to manage the risk from new relationships, market expansion, and critical transactions.    

Critical Infrastructure tends to be significant targets. Be it data centers, offices, plants or ports can help you harden facilities, train personnel, and protect resources in today's unpredictable security environment

Leveraging our years of truly global expertise and our skills in finding opportunities where none seem to exist, we support our clients to address a range of challenges at the intersection of politics and business

Assessing Projects, Plans and Partners to prevent shocks to operations. We help you avoid pitfalls that can be costly later. We assess your partners, investors, companies and operations today so that you can rest easy tomorrow

Our Focus Industries

Image by Zbynek Burival

Mining and Energy

Mitigating Political, Market an Security Risks

Our Mining and Energy Practice gives you the most pertinent information you need to conduct business safely and profitably. ESG and Geopolitics are the two biggest risks in your industry – risks that could upend everything if they're not addressed.  Need help?We have some ideas for you. 

Image by Chris Pagan

Shipping and Transportation

Ensuring Safe and Secure Routes and Ports

Our Shipping and Transport Practice team guides you in finding safe routes and profitable ports, avoiding pirates, revolutions, and government red-tape. We monitor risk indicators and identify risk exposures for your crew, ship and cargo to make sure that every shipment is as routine as the last.

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