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Due Diligence

Our team of investigators, researchers, forensic accountants, auditors and on-the-ground sources work with you minimize risk and safeguard your operations.  We help you avoid pitfalls that can be costly later on.  Our team of has reach all over the world and is able to provide you with a complete background of people, potential partners, companies, organizations and anything else you require.

Image by Scott Graham

Our risk-based approach helps clients fully connect the dots; working to manage the risk from new relationships, market expansion and undertaking critical transactions.  Our diverse background as well as our qualitative approach to all of our assessments brings to you real-world insights based on actionable findings which allows us to take raw information and submit to you meaningful business intelligence.  

As with everything we do, our work is customized to you and your needs, your risk profile and your objectives.  We never rely solely on open-source information (which can be out-of-date or incomplete) but leverage our international network to provide you with the most current and useful information available.


  • Full Check:  Full international background verification including education, experience, criminal, and financial


  • Basic Screening and 'Red Flag' Check:  Includes verifications, standards compliance, and operational legalities

  • Geopolitical:  A snapshot of current political, economic, epidemiological, and security environments for areas you plan to expand to, invest in or operate

  • Investigative:  For clients undertaking new and significant projects.  This goes beyond financials and legalities and provides information examining; Regulatory History / Sanctions / Violations, Criminal Proceedings / Civil Litigation, Business Record Review, Business and Personal Reputations 

  • Forensic:  For when you need really specific information and an assessment of financial health.  Our team examines financial transactions, accounting and operations and ensures that there are no surprises after the deal is done.  At this level, our team specifically looks at; Contracts, Effectiveness of Internal Controls, an Assessment of Risks in Key Operational Areas, Transaction Testing and an Assessment of Governance​​

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