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Defending a Soft Target

In the Classroom

Non-Profit facilities (almost always soft targets) are the most oft-forgotten and least prepared facilities out there. Threats include:

Active Shooters

Bomb Threats

Belligerent People

Those Making a Point

How We Can Help

Our services make up a continuum from the first step to the last - from pulling together data to ensuring that everyone understands what they need to do and when through our Determining, Learning, and Remembering Process


Security Grants

The largest security grant for Non-Profits is the DHS Non-Profit Security Grant. This usually opens in the spring for applications and awards are usually made in the fall. In past years it has been a maximum of $150,000 (up to $450,000 in some circumstances) that can be used towards hardening your facility against attack.

We've helped several organizations through this process and we can help yours too.  Prepariing this grant application is a significant task involving a lot of details and ensuring that the grant guidance follows the grant guidance to the letter.  We can help with this.


If you are a Non-Profit or any soft target we can work with you, including but not limited to:

  • Houses of Worship

  • Schools

  • Senior Facilities

  • Shopping Centers

  • Medical Facilities and Hospitals

  • Historical Buildings and Organizations

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