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Project Risk Studies

Everyone in this business does country studies; who leads the country, the banking and political system, hot spots, evacuation routes, etc.  Honestly, it's nothing that you can't find for free by googling 'CIA Factbook.' 


We don't do country studies, we do Project Risk Studies

This report looks specifically at the work you are doing and how the situation in a given country or region will affect your assets, projects, profits and success.  This quantitative report combines business acumen with economics, politics, risk and legal issues.  It paints a picture that will help you determine where and how to invest in a country or region, how to get through all legal issues in the project host country, all the problems and issues you might  face and how to overcome them.

Our reports provide you with the full complement of information you need before, during and after your work. This is a complete picture of every aspect of your project in any given country. The reports include


Current situations and threats to the status quo, 1, 3 and 5 year political projections, potential for strife, friendliness index, opposition groups and major personalities


Current situation, taxation, trade issues, tariffs and duties, 1, 3 and 5 year economic projections, business climate, friendliness index, market analysis


Immunizations, medical and disease issues, robustness of the country's health system, health issues that will bog down your project.

Legal and Banking

Laws to be aware of, business reguistrations, local labor laws and regualtions, nuances of social interactions, customs and mores, ease of money access and movement


An evaluation of team, executive and personal protection, legal security allowances, local unrest and potential project-related violence

Financial Risk

Quantitative analysis to determine financial risks based on ease of market movement, political and economic situation, crime and terror potential


Education and training, union and working rules, skill availability, immigration rules, working languages


Air, sea and land ports, gross volume, terror and piracy potential, direct major market access, regional and international supply chain access

All reports are delivered bound and electronically, with maps and illustrations as well as full access to our Global Risk Dashboard.

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