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Crisis Preparedness and Response

Police Officer

Our Crisis Preparedness and Response Team has seen it all and done it all.  From Terrorism Prevention and Response Planning to Natural Disasters and Civil Disturbances, we have been involved in the planning, response, and recovery processes of nearly every major event in the past 20 years.  All the critical areas we work in are essential to you and your organization's well-being.

We provide clients with the support of experts in the field of intelligence, defense, communications and public safety to create fireproof plans and strategies that helps ensure your company structures in place to provide a coordinated response to any crisis.



If there is a threat, we've written a plan for it; winter and summer storms, hurricanes, pandemics, terrorism, sheltering, and debris management make up just a small example of all the planning we have done.  Our process, like with everything else we undertake, is collaborative and ensures that the critical nodes and culture of your organization are addressed.  

Training and Exercises

We have been exercising plans and procedures for over two decades. Our experience is based on hundreds of exercises at all levels and for many types of personnel - from front-line staff to executive leadership.  We work in lock-step with your team to ensure that every eventuality is tested and all objectives are met.  Our training team has been on the cutting edge of curriculum development and execution in the past 20 years.  

Emergency Operations Center Support

This is the nerve center of security operations for many organizations.  Our team, having staffed, designed and managed such facilities for two decades understands them innately.  Specifically, we can help you:

  • Management and Control

  • Operation Services / Staffing / Analysis / Monitoring

  • Service and Relationship Management

  • Architecture, Engineering, and Maintenance

  • Cyber Communications / Coordination

  • Acquisition Support

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