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Geopolitical Risk












Each day you make decisions on how you operate; what markets to enter and leave, what resources to allocate and deciding future investment allocations yet you more than likely aren't considering one of the biggest wildcards that can make or break a strategy; geopolitical risk.  In many cases, decisions like these require deep expertise that in-house teams cannot build fast enough - or an external independent perspective that can pinpoint overlooked risks and opportunities.

Leveraging our years of truly global expertise and our skills in finding opportunities where none seem to exist, we support our clients to address a range of challenges at the intersection of politics and business, including:

  • Strategic Development and Planning:  Working closely with clients to include geopolitics in strategic plans, sales plans, and processes.  We use scenarios and exercises to marry external environments and tangible implications, to market sizing engagements that incorporate politics into quantifying opportunities.

  • Planning and Identifying Future Trends:  Finding the balance between the present and future is always a challenge.  We support our clients through our network of experts to determine and prioritize future trends in politics, business, and security, thus allowing our clients to position themselves to benefit from shifts in political, social, and economic shifts before they happen.

  • Supporting the DealNo matter where and in what industry you are involved, politics is always at its core.  We stand by our clients and help them understand the factors in the political and business environment that impact the feasibility of the deal, valuation, operational environment, and repatriation risks.

  • Awareness of Risk:  Sometimes businesses struggle with how to identify and mitigate geopolitical risk.  We help clients determine the biggest risks to their business by tying specific external risks to performance drivers and to develop customized metrics for continuous monitoring

  • Market Entry Assessments: Facilitating clients entry into new markets, we offer comprehensive assessments and deep-dive reports analyzing policy and politically driven sector risks, opportunities and outlooks on a regional and national level.

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