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Geopolitical Risk












Every day, you're tasked with making operational decisions—deciding which markets to engage with, which ones to step away from, how to allocate resources, and where to invest for the future. Yet, amid these deliberations, one critical factor often goes overlooked: geopolitical risk. This wildcard has the potential to significantly influence the success or failure of your strategies.

In many instances, such decisions demand profound expertise, either not readily available within your in-house teams or requiring an external, independent perspective to identify overlooked risks and opportunities.

Drawing upon our extensive global experience and our knack for uncovering opportunities in seemingly barren landscapes, we assist our clients in navigating a spectrum of challenges at the nexus of politics and business. This includes:

  • Strategic Development and Planning:  We collaborate closely with clients to integrate geopolitics into strategic plans, sales strategies, and operational processes. Through the use of scenarios and exercises, we seamlessly fuse external factors with tangible outcomes. Our approach extends to market sizing engagements, where we incorporate political dynamics into the quantification of opportunities.​

  • Market Entry Assessments: Businesses often face difficulty in identifying and managing geopolitical risks effectively. We support clients in pinpointing the key threats to their operations by correlating specific external risks with performance indicators. Additionally, we collaborate with them to create bespoke metrics for ongoing monitoring.

  • Planning and Identifying Future Trends:  Navigating the delicate equilibrium between the present and the future poses an ongoing challenge. Through our extensive network of experts, we assist our clients in identifying and ranking future trends in politics, business, and security. This empowers our clients to proactively position themselves to capitalize on forthcoming political, social, and economic changes before they unfold.

  • Supporting the DealNo matter where and in what industry you are involved, politics is always at its core.  We stand by our clients and help them understand the factors in the political and business environment that impact the feasibility of the deal, valuation; operational environment, and repatriation risks.

  • Awareness of Risk:  At times, businesses encounter challenges in recognizing and addressing geopolitical risks. We assist clients in identifying the primary threats to their business by linking specific external risks to performance drivers. Furthermore, we collaborate with them to devise customized metrics for continual monitoring.

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