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Industry Specific Reporting

Our main Industry Practise Areas

Our Shipping and Transport Practice team guides you in finding safe routes and profitable ports, avoiding pirates, revolutions, and government red-tape. We monitor risk indicators and identify risk exposures for your crew, your ship and your cargo to make sure that every shipment is as routine as the last.  See Prospectus Here

Our Mining and Energy Practice gives you the most pertinent information you need to conduct business safely and profitably. Geopolitics is the second most important risk factor for the mining and energy industries behind ESG – doing anything to mitigate those risks?  We have some ideas for you.  See Prospectus Here

The weight of our Financial Services Practice value proposition can be counted in millions of dollars.  The foresight you receive on world events will give you confidence in your investment decisions. Our specialized offerings are as important as P/E Ratios and Volatility tracking. Without them, you make less money. See Prospectus Here

Specific industries have specific needs and focus on specific variables. While we have the personnel to cover every industry that has an international risk component, much of the work we illustrate here transcribes to many other industries as well. Hover over our gallery to see other areas we can help.

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How We Can Help

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Our Three Delivery Options

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Examples of our Work

Reporting is the backbone of our offerings and unlike our competitors, our work is 100% customized to your and your client's needs.  We don't give you canned reports with general information (and then charge you more when you want the specifics you actually need. 

Our team works closely with yours to ensure that all information that comes from us is current, pertinent and actually useful to your objectives. Some examples of the work we do:

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Our Weekly/Monthly report - this is customized to your needs and objectives

Our Spot Report - delivered when needed and always after a 'breaking news' alert

Let us know how we can help you.  

For more information, literature, or a copy of an Industry Specific Prospectus, please contact us using the form below.

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