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Jeff Alvich, CBRM


Mr. Alvich’s unique career spans over 30+ years with local, state and federal California-based Fire Service organizations (concluding at the position of Fire Chief), US Department of Homeland Security, Office of Domestic Preparedness, and private sector. He is an MBA alumnus of CSU Dominguez Hills, possessing a Bachelor of Science in Fire Protection Administration, a graduate of the DHS Executive Program in Counter-Terrorism, with industry specific credentials including:

  • Nationally and Internationally Certified Business Resiliency Manager (CBRM)

  • FEMA and BRCCI Continuity of Operations Plan Instructor

  • California State Certified/UCLA-Master Instructor

  • California HAZMAT and CBRNE Incident Commander/Instructor

  • Federal On-Scene Commander

Highlights of his career include being the Program Manager for the California Hazmat Technician/Specialist Training program, Co-creator and program manager of the California USAR program, Hazmat entry team leader and responding to over 400 hazmat events.


Currently, Mr. Alvich is the Managing Director of Strategic Management Associates and has developed and delivered a litany of emergency management, hazmat, fire and response training.

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