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Understanding geopolitics and knowing how to physically react to situations that you can face while in-county are two different things. When considering personal, team and executive protection, knowing what to do in various situations and testing what you've learned is of the utmost importance for those traveling overseas.  Without awareness and knowledge of how to handle certain situations, you'll get yourself into trouble and have a really difficult time getting out of it.

Security Team Training (Geopolitics) – 2 day course


Our team will train your country specific security staff on local issues and security matters.  This training includes:​

  • Political and security landscape

  • Understanding security partners in foreign countries and the roles they play

  • Facility / Compound / Perimeter security practices  

  • Weapon allowances and local laws

  • Getting your team out of the country quickly and safely

Local Team Training (Geopolitics) – 2 day course


Our team will train your overseas staff and contractors how to manage  and operate in a foreign country.  This training includes:​

  • Cultural Issues – acclimating to working within a new country, the do’s and the don’ts

  • Understanding the political and economic world you’re in

  • Personal Security Awareness - understanding your surroundings as well as where to go in a dangerous situation or in an emergency

  • How to get out of the country using non-traditional means and using resources like embassies, local authorities and friendly military

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