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Our program makes quantitative connections between geopolitical risk and market outcomes to help you make the best, fact-based decisions.  This data-driven approach breaks the mold of geopolitical risk analysis and allows for a new approach in evaluating decisions.  This leverages various data sets and predictive analytics to provide an accurate numerical scale that illustrates risk based on current risk factors and various other scenarios to be used for comparison.  


math problems on graph paper with pencil

Other analytical tools we use include:

  • Social Media Scrutiny:  An examination of trends through social media to determine social and political feelings in a country or region.  For example, voter-attention share during an election.  This is an excellent tool through which to predict the outcome of elections better than any polling company or system can.

  • Scenario Development:  Partnering with other firms, we are able to forecast the political, economic and market impact of key country-level political risk scenarios; scenarios that simulate things like complex negotiations or low-intensity conflict.

Beyond our proprietary quantitative work, we partner with a number of other firms to provide our clients with innovative enhancements so that they can gain a full understanding of the way that geopolitics increasingly affects everything you do and each decision you make.

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