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The core of our business is to be able to combine geopolitical expertise with actionable insight for our clients.

Our analysts each specialize in a specific world region.  They have implicit knowledge of each country they are responsible for; the political, economic and social environment.  Each nuance, how to get in and out both normally and during an emergency.  They know key personnel and important agencies that will work with you to achieve your goals, succeed in meeting your objectives and keep you safe.  All of our analysts fully understand global political patterns and transnational issues such as trade, security risk, cybersecurity, commodities and epidemiology - all things that affect how you operate and your bottom line.

As we develop our relationship, we deepen our understanding of your specific needs.   We work with our clients in real-time, connecting the dots to bring together politics, business outcomes and safety and nurture a relationship that is always mutually beneficial, always long-lasting and always profitable.  

The core of our advisory is how we work with you; everything is customized to your culture, the way you operate and addressing your specific goals and ambitions.  We work with you through in-person meetings, customized briefings, and one-on-one conferences.  Your access to our team can be defined as 'always.'  You have complete access, 24/7 to our expertise and our guidance through phone, email, and secure client portal communications.  

Specifically, we offer:

  • In-depth project risk and country studies

  • Global, regional, country and industry briefings

  • Workshops and training sessions for all staff and high-impact executive workshops

  • Macro and micro strategy conferences

  • Crisis communication and messaging

Our compliment of sector, industry, regional and country research is delivered to you at regular intervals as well as in a 'breaking news' format for up-to-the-minute issues that will affect everything you do.

Giving a Presentation
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