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Recruitment and Staffing

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We are the only firm that solely specializes in recruitment geared towards geopolitical and enterprise risk.  Our team knows the industry and understands human capital.  Our approach aligns candidates’ skills, experience, qualities and cultural fit to match your hiring goals.

We're not just recruiters. Where industry practitioners.

We have all worked in these industries for decades. We understand how it works and know the skill sets required for candidates and projects to succeed.  Our team combined has hired and managed hundreds of people across all facets of geopolitical and enterprise risk and our real-world, on-the-job experience is what gives us the edge in finding the best people for you.

We work with your team to understand your requirements.  We identify potential candidates and carefully screen and evaluate them against a number of different factors, ensuring that they are the best fit.  After we present the candidate(s), look at their references and undertake a comprehensive background check to ensure that there are no surprises, we assist you in any salary and benefits negotiation to ensure that you not only get the best candidate for the highest value but also fill a position that will not be turning over in the short-term.

Our recruiting and hiring process is simple yet very comprehensive and it ensures that we find you the best fit for the right position.  Always.  Our offerings include:

Direct Hire

For filling your long-term and permanent vacancies


For your short-term, project-based, or temporary professional needs

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