Recruitment and Staffing

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We are the only firm that solely specializes in geopolitical recruitment and personnel contracting.  Our team knows the industry and understands human capital.  Our approach aligns candidates’ skills, experience, qualities and cultural fit to match your hiring goals.

The people that make up our recruiting and headhunting practise not only strive to earn your confidence and trust but to be a trusted partner, helping you navigate through all of your hiring needs.

We Don't Rest Until We Deliver the Right-Fit Candidate


We Don't Just Check off a Box

We Never Believe in 'Good Enough'

Our services include:

  • Direct Hire:  Best for filling your long-term mid-level to management vacancies on a non-confidential basis.

  • Retained Hire:    Best for your high-impact, high-urgency hires that require confidentiality. We provide guaranteed performance outcomes with dedicated service that exceeds all of your expectations.

  • Contact / Interim / Project-Based:  Best for your short-term professional needs.  Our database is full of professionals that can fit any of your needs and we can have people placed in a matter of hours, not days.

Our recruiting and hiring process is very comprehensive and it ensures that we find you the best fit for the right position.  Always.

We work with your team to conduct a full needs analysis and completely understand your requirements.  We identify potential candidates and carefully screen and evaluate them against a number of different factors, ensuring that they are the best fit.  Finally, after we present the candidate, look at their references and undertake a comprehensive background check to ensure that there are no surprises.  Finally, we assist you in any salary and benefits negotiation to ensure that you not only get the best candidate for the highest value but also fill a position that will not be turning over in the short-term.