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Date: November 8-9

Time:  11 am ET/8 am PT to 2 pm ET/11 am PT each day


6 Contact Hours/0.6 CEUs

Terrorism 101 is an introductory course designed to provide a comprehensive overview of terrorism, its historical context, root causes, ideologies, tactics, counterterrorism measures, and the impact on societies. Through this six-hour, two-day course, students will gain a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding terrorism and its global implications.


The course covers:

  • Introduction to Terrorism
  • Terrorist Ideologies and Groups
  • Terrorist Tactics and Techniques
  • Counterterrorism Measures
  • Impact of Terrorism on Societies
  • Future Trends and Response to Terrorism


Instructor: Jo Cheney

Jo is an experienced professional with a background in intelligence analysis, investigations, and security research. With 18 years of all-source intelligence analysis and extensive work on dark-web investigations, Jo has a deep understanding of counterintelligence and counter-trafficking efforts. Jo has also contributed to critical projects for multiple federal entities, such as the Department of Defense, NASA, the FBI, and others. Jo holds a B.A. in Diplomacy and World Affairs, a M.A. in Strategic Intelligence Studies, and is currently pursuing an MLitt in Terrorism and Political Violence.

Terrorism 101

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