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Date: October 18 to 20

Time: 10 am ET/7 am PT to 5 pmET/2 pm PT


21 Contact Hours/2.1 CEUs

The Sport Security Senior Management Course is a scenario-based practicum of primary areas within the field of sporting event policing and security management: a) decision making; b) planning process; c) strategic view at the operational, tactical, and strategic incident management system; d) crowd and evacuation management; and e) crisis communication management. The course is intended to prepare senior law enforcement officials involved in the decision making process for preparation for and response to a large-scale incident during a major international sporting event. To reinforce the training objectives, participants will utilize skills and knowledge acquired for simulation-supported, scenario-based exercises addressing emergency response for senior-level law enforcement response activities in support of tactical response activities. These activities are designed to hone both individual and team building decision making, multi-agency and national coordination, and senior-level incident management and crisis communication skills in the context of major international sporting event operations.


This will focus on the following core concepts:

  1. Decision making based on situational awareness and current intelligence information;
  2. Planning processes and levels of plans that address tactical, operational, and strategical incident management system issues;
  3. Crowd management and dynamics through planning, development, training, implementation, and evaluation of their crowd and evacuation management plans;
  4. Security-layered protection areas and defense in depth and layers of security required for a major international sporting event;
  5. Ways in which the sport venue communicates with the athletes, fans, employees, media and the general public; and
  6. Lessons learned from international sporting events in their response to threats and hazards.


Instructor: Dan DeMott

Dan is a retired US Army Veteran, who owns and operates DC Consults which is designated as Service Disable Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). During Dan’s military career as a Bomb Technician, he has responded to terrorist and explosive threat throughout the world. He served on technical team for the US Secret Service for the protection of the President of the United States, Foreign Dignitaries, and National Events of Significance such as the Olympics and other World Sporting Events.

After his retirement Dan found himself drawn to the profession of Emergency Management, in which he served as Iowa Region One Homeland Security Chair, Homeland Security Advisor, and Director of Emergency Management for two Counties. Dan served as a training specialist during his military career when he was asked to take a position at Texas A&M Engineering Extension (TEEX) to develop Multi Agency Coordination Center training, Emergency Operation Planning and Exercises, and Incident Management field operations training nationally. Dan left TEEX to take a position as the Associate Director at National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS4), directing the National Sports Security Lab. He was also responsible for implementing and instructing a newly developed course named Hacking for Defense (H4D), for the University of Southern Mississippi.

He holds a bachelor’s degree from Buena Vista University in Business and Psychology

  • Developed Training for Interpol for Nations Hosting Internal Sporting Events
  • Developed the Emergency Operations Planning and Exercise Course
  • Developed for the State of Texas Senior Elected Officials Emergency Operations Course
  • Develop Sports and Special Events Risk Assessment Course
  • Developed Sports Venue Evacuation Course
  • Developed Sports and Special Events Incident Management Course
  • Developed and conducted a National Capability Assessment for the Department of Defense for the office of Domestic Preparedness Security Initiative.
  • Deployed to Florida, Maryland, and Tennessee to serve as a Subject Matter Expert in support of the COVID-19 response and recovery efforts since March of 2021
  • Deployed to Florida for Hurricane Ian, to serve as a planning chief to conduct 4200 damage assessments for the citizens of Fort Myers Beach and Sanibel Island.

Sports Security for Senior Leaders