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This class is pre-recorded and ALWAYS AVAILABLE


Note: You will recieve your certificate within 24 hours of completion


1 Contact Hour/0.1 CEU

This course is meant to help public safety organizations on best practices for effective scheduling and workforce management, in order to ensure that they have the right staff in the right place at the right time to meet the needs of their communities.


The course will cover:

  • Overview of the importance of effective staff management and scheduling in public safety organizations
  • Challenges of Staff Management - turnover and recruitment, retention and employee burnout, increasing demands on public safety personnel, balancing staffing needs with budget constraints
  • The Public Safety Staffing Crisis: Current state f the crisis, factors contributing to the crisis, impact of understaffing
  • Recruitment and Retention: Flexible scheduling, using data-driven approaches, ensuring adequate rest periods, incorporating input from staff, providing ongoing training and support
  • Scheduling of Personnel with Less Staffing: Strategies for optimization, prioritizing critical functions, utilizing technology


Instructor, Jason Klink

Have you ever heard a child say all the wanted to be when they grew up was a firefighter? Jason Klink wasn’t one of those kids…at first. As a young ambitious child Jason aspired of becoming a doctor instead. And then he found out as an older child how much time he would spend in a classroom learning how to become a doctor. Jason decided becoming a firefighter was a noble profession that did not required 12-16 of additional college education. Jason grew up in a fire station where his father was a firefighter for over 30 years. It became very apparent to Jason that firefighting and public service was in his blood.


Jason Klink is a former first responder and accomplished public safety professional, with more than 25 years of industry service. Jason began with the fire service before also working in a 911 communications center, where he served in both capacities for more than two decades and reached the positions of fire chief and dispatch supervisor. Jason’s experience with staff management in agency environments – including supervising, training, and scheduling – made him a natural fit in a role that continues to support public safety professionals tackle some difficult hurdles. Now, Jason continues to serve by helping agencies across the country optimize their operations with his specialized knowledge of the public safety sector, unique agency needs, and the challenges of 24/7/365 environments.


Optimizing Public Safety Staff Management - Pre Recorded

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