T'is the Season to be Watchful: A Practical Look at Politics

On December 12th, approximately 15,000 pro-Trump protestors took to the streets in Washington, DC. They gathered at Freedom Plaza, just three short blocks to the White House, and at the National Mall where recently pardoned Michael Flynn was the keynote speaker for the “Stop the Steal” march. Pro-Trump hate group, Proud Boys, dressed in black and gold were seen throughout the crowds, often encircling fellow protestors for safety. DC police officers were on high alert, with planned street closures to Black Lives Matter Plaza and strategic police blockades to separate Trump supporters from anti-Trump activists.

​ T’is the season to be watchful. Yesterday the US Electors cast their votes in their State Capitols. Although in July of 2020, the supreme court ruled it illegal for any state elector to vote against the will of the people within his or her state, some citizens anticipated the worst which in the end did not happen. There was a ‘shadow’ electoral college vote however, where republican-appointed electors showed their solidarity for Trump in symbolism.

The legal precedent has been set by the Supreme Courts in Chiafalo et al. v. Washington, only 16 out of 50 states have passed the Faithless Elector act into law. The US Constitution respects the rights of states, and 17 of those states have Attorney Generals

During the protests, two police officers were critically stabbed by Trump supporters, both have been hospitalized. Two anti-Trump protesters were also stabbed and hospitalized with others wounded. Twenty-three to thirty-three Trump demonstrators were arrested. During the protests, Trump took a ride in Marine One over the National Mall to see the crowd, en route to an event at a nearby military base.

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