China's Global Power Position: Founders of the Pandemic? And the Vaccine?

The corona virus has changed lives and livelihoods dramatically. Citizens around the world have moved beyond blaming China and certain governments for slow reactions to protect citizens. There remains little discussion about whether COVID-19 was produced as a global weapon. Few to none are thinking about conspiracies. In general, most citizens and nation-states are looking for ways to return to “normal living and working” as it were pre-pandemic. The reach of the virus has been expansive enough to touch every demographic around the globe, including people who live in abject poverty at the base level of

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs . News from countries in Africa report that people living in slums have suffered from hunger, and have been unable to maintain safe shelter . Whether or not the lab in Wuhan, China intentionally released the virus as a weapon is no longer of consequence - we all just want a vaccine.

On December 31, 2019, the World Health Organization (WHO) discovered a transmission from the Wuhan Health Commission regarding cases of an unknown strain of viral pneumonia. By mid-January 2020, the WHO published guidance documents regarding the new coronavirus in an epidemiological alert. By mid-February, the WHO contacted the United Nations (UN) to recommend the activation of the UN crisis management policy. At the G20 Summit late March, the Director-General addressed the heads of state regarding COVID-19, gaining full support for a preparedness and response plan to the now-defined COVID-19 Pandemic.

In June 2020, China’s President Xi Jinping had more or less successfully contained the virus in Beijing. But, as early as February 2020, China began ramping up production of personal protection equipment (PPE) at 3M, shipping to warehouses around the world, leading to a buying and selling frenzy between brokers, hospitals, and countries around the world. PPE 9 goods were manufactured on mass scale at a low cost - an economic boost for China in a time of economic downfall for the rest of the world.

In the Chinese language, the word “crisis” is written with two characters; one represents danger, the other, opportunity. China is said to have allowed weeks to pass as they downplayed the extent of the virus outbreak, wasting valuable time for other countries to prepare. In a move that positions China as the supplier of PPE and ventilators to a desperate world, the pandemic has provided the country with economic gains amidst sweeping financial losses in every other country on the globe. As of August 2020, China supplied 80% of global imports of PPE placing the country in a position of Global Power.

On August 17, 2020, China announced its first COVID-19 vaccine patent. The vaccine is said to induce an immune response and was published on August 13, 2020, in the American Medical Association Journal. Russia claimed to have a vaccine on August 11, 2020, a vaccine that was immediately denounced by scientists worldwide. Human trials in China began in March, and by late June the Wall Street Journal reported that China was on a “fast-track” towards a successful vaccine due to advanced genetic technology. Note the UAE was discovered to be in partnership with China, two countries when perched together that equate to great economic power.

Together, China and the UAE began ‘phase three’ human trials in Brazil with 10,000 volunteers. The Sao Paulo state-run Butantan Institute would coordinate trials of the vaccine developed by the Chinese biopharmaceutical firm, Sinovac . On October 29, one of the trial participants died unexpectedly and trials were suspended. A proverbial political football has been punted, as Brazil’s Bolsonaro is against the Chinese vaccine trials while his governor and potential presidential challenger in the 2022 election (Joao Doria) is for the vaccine. As per the health regulator of Brazil, trials resumed on November 11th signaling China’s imminent advance in the race to provide relief to the world via the only proven vaccine that we are all desperate for. There is no higher global position of power. China may become the economic and scientific leader of the free world.

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