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Our Values

Everything we do at The Minotaur Group starts and ends with ensuring the needs of our clients are met, doing so by creating a culture that starts and ends with our people.   We cultivate an environment that is inclusive, empowering, and globally-minded.  People that are free to think and test and take risks are people that come up with solid, tested, and original ideas.  We believe that diversity in gender, race, ethnicity, cultural background, sexual orientation, religion, disability and age bring perspectives that make our analysis stronger, our advisory ironclad, our clients more successful, and our company a great place to work.  Our leadership team is committed to embedding diversity and inclusion into everything we do.

We are


All of our work begins with a deep intellectual curiosity and a problem-solving demeanor


We care deeply about our clients, the quality of our work and helping our clients succeed.  Simply, we care a lot about getting it right


Our way of communication is honest, simple and clear


We're always looking at how to make 'it' better.  We demand innovation and a healthy dose of risk from all of our people


Our team and our outlook is international. We understand that the world isn't one country and that each actor has their own desires, goals and way of doing things


Working together with and injecting ideas and strengths from our team, partners and clients always results in a stronger outcome

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