Minotaur's Global Risk Dashboard

What is it?  

This is a simple yet comprehensive political, economic, security and epidemiological risk snapshot of every single country on the planet.  It's real-time, it's exhaustive and it provides you with a full summary of what you need to know, when you need to know it.

Who Needs This? 

Anyone that does business anywhere in the world - particularly if you work in:

  • Shipping

  • Transportation

  • Banking

  • Finance

  • International Organizations

  • Non-Governmental Organizations

  • Think Tanks

  • Telecommunications

  • Insurance

  • Energy

  • Mining

What Does It Do?

It gives you a broad risk snapshot by looking at 6 large variables - Economy, Democratization, Government Stability, Military, Epidemiology and Security.  The score of each of these variables is determined by a umber of smaller, supporting variables including: 

  • Trade

  • Unemployment

  • Manufacturing Output

  • Inflation

  • Free Elections

  • Press Freedom

  • Internet Freedom

  • Civil Liberties

  • Political Violence

  • Free Elections

  • Police Corruption

  • Government Corruption Potential

  • Military Budget as Percentage of GDP

  • Overseas Bases

  • Health Programs

  • Population Density

  • Disease Prevention Programs

  • Crime Rate

  • Terrorism Potential

  • Poverty

  • Education

  • Paramilitary 




What Does It Do For You?

Simply, it provides you inexpensive and comprehensive information in a format that's user friendly and easy to follow.

It becomes an arrow in your quiver of risk determination - a starting point in your risk calculus. Use this when you are looking to expand operations overseas, monitor the situation in a given country or region (for asset and personnel protection), for research or for any other reason you need to evaluate risk.  


I'm Interested - What Do I Do Now?

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